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Prison ministry

“Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them…” / Hebrews 13:3 /

The beginning

The prison ministry began in 1997. The personal daily meetings with the prisoners - time for sharing and new beginning, transformation of the character and new values


  • Today there are more than 120 people coming to the meetings. It is so exciting to see how these men are being changed and how they transform their life for new beginning . Although they are behind prison bars they feel free and they see the way in front of them.
  • According to the restrictions they have, the prisoners can participate in official services and discussions.
  • As a chaplain Ivodor Kovachev has weekly personal meetings with the inmates. A team of young men dedicates his time for the prison ministry and develops relationships with inmates.
  • In 2004 ‘MISSION – SALVATION” started a LEADERSHIP SCHOOL according the Bible values in the prison in Sofia. In January 2005 is started special meeting in Kazichene prison.
  • “MISSION – SALVATION” ministry organizes educational classes for a better qualification and the inmates receive a diploma. This makes it easier for them to find a job when they leave the prison and to be involved in the social life.


  • The inmates to realize that they are accepted, loved and forgiven.

  • To preach the Gospel in the prisons in Bulgaria – transformation and new beginning..

  • Rising up of committed Christians among the inmates.

  • Through the Bible school in the prison to make it possible for the inmates to get to know the Word of God and to develop a Christian character.

  • Realization of projects that will help the inmates to be involved in the social life when they live the prison and which will give them direction to find a job. Support for the process of adaptation.

      Organizing educational courses
    • Christian concerts and movies

  • Social support for the inmates

  • REFUGE HOME - a halfway house for ex-prisoners

To visit the prisoner is a ministry ordered by God.
It is an honor for us to fulfill it!