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IEC event ( International Economic & Cultural ceremony )

IEC event ( International Economic & Cultural Ceremony ) is the event at the Kempinski Hotel on 2nd April with presence of government economists and Directors of Economic Affairs from countries with strong economic & cultural backgrounds, successful bulgarians in areas of politic, business, fashion business, celebrities, top models and media figures.


The main purposes of this event:

  • For foreign governmental participations:
    • to share their economic and cultural plans to the bulgarian people and other participating countries.
  • For bulgarian people:
    • to show their potentials in areas of business and culture to improve their connection with the international community and international markets.
  • And in general improve the international relations.

Why Bulgaria?

We consider many criteria when choosing the country that are hosting this event for the first time. Based on extensive research about many countries, finally we decided to choose Bulgaria for hosting this ceremony. Considering the special strategic and geographic situation of Bulgaria which is the bridge between Asia and Europe, efforts of Bulgaria to improve the development as well the interest of bulgarian people to make more effective economic & cultural connections with international community.