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Two kids - one destiny


The story of Hansel and Gretel – I have no explanation as to why I recollected this story in particular, while looking at the pictures of little Emanoul and Radostina... It was maybe because those two are together when they fall into misfortune... Maybe because the only way they could ever find their way home was to drop breadcrumbs along the way. And despite the wind and birds of prey and the sugar-coated world of the witch, they made it! They were found by their father who was the only person to truly love them and who never quit looking for them...

A Bulgarian family with two kids from the Danube city Rousse. This story is true because the characters in it are real. Real, because they don’t just exist and “count” the days – as if they were beads on a rosary… They have decided to accept the challenges of life and discover in it the small, hearty, genuine, eternal things. And take pleasure in those.


Rossen and Sevda Hristovi became a family in 1997. They have two kids – Emanuil - 7, and Radostina – 5. When Emko was 3 months old doctors diagnosed a terrible disease /though they say it’s not entirely accurate/, which was later to be found in his sister too – mitochondrial myopathy. The kids suffer from a lasting physical and mental disability. Doctors say it’s a genetic disease. They cannot promise that if Rosen and Sevda decide to have a third child it would be a healthy one.

Mom and Dad, however, refused to place their kids under the care of the government. They accepted this as their vocation!
They want to care and love these little creatures themselves, even though the kids cannot call them “mom” and “dad”… To a certain extent they realise what is ahead of them…
Their decision, however, resulted in tension between them and their parents, who insisted the kids should be put in a special needs home.

How to support


Sevda has a degree in economics, though at present she is just a “mom”. Rossen is a piano player, though to say this would be an outright understatement – he is a brilliant piano player!
Rossen and Sevda have never been out there as a family, together – just to relax… They have to be at home at all times, to care for their helpless Emko and Radi.
I was so surprised to learn that they have never been out with the kids – as a family! The two kids need special wheel-chairs, with straps and supports. And these happen to be very expensive...

The young family lives in a rented apartment. The place is totally unacceptable for the specific situation the family is in. They pay EUR 50 a month. Not long ago Rousse municipality responded and provided the family with a municipal apartment. However, it was an unfurnished one...

Rossen and Sevda work as assistants to their own kids – this way the state grants them the minimal monthly pension. This, however, means that they are forbidden any other occupation they might pursue. So many things are needed for the care of the kids – diapers /4 minimum a day/, medicine, therapy and rehabilitation for the kids...


When I saw up close in person the way this Bulgarian family lives, I decide to “knock” on each and every door and ask for help. Yes, there are so many needs and people in need in our world, but this story about the Rousse-born Hansel and Gretel is truly different! What remains unasked: is there a chance to cure Emko and Radi? Doctors say “NO”, but can you tell your heart to stop caring!

Today we can reach out and give one mom and one dad the chance to look after their kids with dignity. We care not about question like “why”, “when” or “how”...


  • Two wheel-chairs for the kids.
  • A specially adapted bath tub.
  • Movicol Junior - The kids use every day Movicol Junior. The parents find the medicine only from Germany. One box is enough only for one month for one kid. The price is 21-22 EURO.
  • KIDI – a multivitamin syrup for kids /very expensive for the family/
  • Diapers – 120 at minimum per month /these are not provided by the social services!/
  • Wet napkins /Important – these facilitate child care, since kids grow heavier and it is getting increasingly difficult to keep up their hygiene.../
  • Financialsupport to havephysical therapy, rehabilitation massage... – Minimum EUR 50 a month
  • Clothes and toys

In person:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +359 894 619 525

Through the foundation:
P.O.Box 5, 1712 Sofia
“Mission – Salvation” Foundation
Email:[email protected]
Phone: + 359 899 848 034

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/For Rossen and Sevda Hristovi/