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Lots of laughter and tears, warm hugs and excitement were the result of the family meeting celebration at the Sofia Central Prison. It took place on September 24th and the reason was the beginning of the new school year. For the second time Mission Salvation Foundation presented the opportunity to the imprisoned to meet their wives and children without having a glass wall between.

“The seeds that I find give me strength and hope to keep digging at a place, where in most cases no one else wants to do anything in order to see change”. This is what Ivodor Kovachev, chairman of Mission Salvation Foundation, said the reporters at the introduction of the project “The way of the new beginning” through a small grant scheme Program BG 15 of the Norwegian financial mechanism 2009-2014 and as Operator the Ministry of Justice of Republic of Bulgaria.

With these words Ivodor Kovachev, founder of Mission Salvation Foundation and leader of the project “The way of the new beginning”, often addresses the prisoners. Already 18 years now, people with bulky criminal files are sharing with him their internal struggles and contradictions, uncover their souls and their most cherished secrets, looking for hope and meaning in life.

IEC event ( International Economic & Cultural Ceremony ) is the event at the Kempinski Hotel on 2nd April with presence of government economists and Directors of Economic Affairs from countries with strong economic & cultural backgrounds, successful bulgarians in areas of politic, business, fashion business, celebrities, top models and media figures.

All the activities of the MISSION SALVATION Foundation has always been based on compassion and mercy. Our good causes are supported by good people who are motivated not by a festive charitable activity, but trust and understanding. 

Please support our Foundation's mission - to be the answer and encouragement.

The MISSION SALVATION Foundation is grateful for all open hearts!

Every year we have an unforgettable experience AN ANGELIC MEETING ON CHRISTMAS in the prison with the help of the prison administration and the Mission Church - meeting between children and their fathers who serve their sentences. Some of them had not seen in years.

* The photo is on the photographer Vl. Balevski and brings a sense of cherishing moment

Mission Salvation Foundation through its project THE SHARON HOUSE - a home for single moms and kids invites compassionate hearts to respond. The dates of December 17th and 18th. We turn the room into a cozy atmosphere - candles, treats, gifts, special program. We carry gifts and dads personally give them away to their children. And they are just happy ...

Support this long-term initiative by filling in this coupon for assistance or call us if you have an idea for gifts for those precious families. Together we can do the best for this wonderful holiday Christmas.

There are more than 180 kids and adults part of our programs at the ART SCHOOL FOR HAPPY KIDS - Look at the website / in Bulgarian /