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In August, 2010 MISSION SALVATION started "THE SHARON HOUSE - a home for single moms and kids" project.

The project the Sharon house provides for free refuge, food and daily needs. For a period of time *months, year or more/ we take care for the families till the mom is ready to tace care herself for the future. Till December, 2013 there are 12 single moms with 27 kids are part of the Sharon houses. The project supports also moms and kids who don't live in our halfway-houses but need financial support for daily needs. The project is supported only through voluntary donations and charity campaigns organized by the foundation. We provide  a special atmosphere of friendship and acceptance - relationships of hope and encouragements

To be part of the project, please, fill out the TALON. It's important for us!

How to support

All donors receive private informations, news and photos.

Production part 1 photo gallery

Production part 2 photo gallery

DANCING HAPPY KIDS photo gallery

PRECIOUS MOMENTS photo gallery

In the midst of boxwood garden party, cobbled paths and midnight dances SCHOOL FOR HAPPY KIDS held its annual production presenting it to their parents. A beauty, wrapper in a child smile and warm melody, an impulse of life, inspired by the Creator - the children really grew up this year and they reflected the Heaven in heir songs, dances and paintings.

From September THE ART SCHOOL FOR HAPPY KIDS will have a new ballet hall and a wide weekly program - a real gift for the happy kids who decided to be faithful when the School was started 2 years ago!

BORN FOR LIFE is a special campaign organized in May 19-21, 2011 in the Borisova garden in Sofia.

- Specific friendly and family atmosphere - personal conversations and free barbecue

- Anointed music and painting lessons in the Christian Art School for Happy Kids.

The principal purpose is giving hope. There is always hope for a nation that knows the real Way, the Truth and the Life - Christ!



* 3000 people received free food
* over 2100 New Testament and about 300 kid's Bibles were distributed

Photo report from the event

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When a young Bulgarian family has two kids, who are one hundred percent invalided ...
When they decide to raise these kids and not leave them in the care of the government ...
When parents have managed to keep their smile and their love ...

It is then naturally people to support them because it is human history.

More about the campaign to support the family - Two kids - one destiny


Watch the MOVIE Two kids - one destiny

The town is illuminated and decorated. Busy people buying no important things. A vanity for a fictional character coming on a slide from the snowy land...

We will stop for a while. We will look at the Heaven and we’ll see the Star of Bethlehem, stopped over the home where the Saviour is born... Another reason for illuminated decoration… Another reason for people to buy and give presents… Because Jesus is alive today and will come for His people...





More photos

December 21, 2010 - a special meeting between 18 prisoners from Sofia Prison and their families. Time of warm hugs, words of encouragement, tears and smiles… Mom and kids received gifts from the name of daddy thanks to “Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion".

"Christmas tree" is an annual event organized by MISSION SALVATION and prison’s administration.

Photo report from 2009

Photo report from 2006

On December 22, 2010 Christmas concert was held within The Sofia Prison. 120 prisoners had a wonderful time of praise and worship to God. Some of them had great testimonies for change and new beginning in their lives. All of them were impressed by the clip of the famous song “Mary did you know”.
The inmates were delighted with the gifts, prepared by “Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion" and the MISSION church.

30 October, 2010 - MISSION SALVATION

and STEP UP MEDIA start for the second year the first Bulgarian Christian art school -


The program reveals the principal Christian values through arts and culture.

Presentation here

On 9th June 2010 MISSION SALVATION has started a Bibile study course in The Sofia Central prison.

Lessons are led by pastor Ivodor Kovachev who is chaplain in the Sofia prison and Kazichene prison for 13 years.

In the course have been invited 22 prisoners who have seriously decided to change their life.