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After long years working with prisoners and people who are set free beeing for a period in the prison, MISSION SALVATION realized that a halfway house like The Center for new beginnings is very important. The people from the Center for new beginnigs receive for free a refuje, food, care and counceling, special christian relationships. For a period of 3-6months the needy people are supported until they find a job and become able to care for themselves. It's important for them to understand that they are accepted and encouraged to continue in "The new beginning" of their life. The capacity of the rented apartment is of for 4 people. All support is from volontairy donations.

In August, 2010 MISSION SALVATION started "THE SHARON HOUSE - a home for single moms and kids" project. Through a specific strategy for rising funds for the project, the ministry rents an apartment / The Sharon house / and provides for free food covering all daily needs.

For the moment 2 single moms with 3 kids are supported for one year and live in the Sharon house. During this time the moms will care themselves for the kids. One of the single moms will finish her graduation. She will find a job. MISSION SALVATION's team cares for all details concerning the family. Please, look at the project for more information.

All donators of the project receive detail information and photos of the families living there.

To be part of the project, please, fill the TALON. It's important for us!

Photo report from some special initiatives, charity programs and concerts organized by MISSION SALVATION Ministry.


MISSION SALVATION AND STEP UP MEDIA present the first Bulgarian Christian art school - ART SCHOOL FOR HAPPY KIDS - here the melody, the rhythm and the colors draw the Heaven and inflow in the kids's soul.

Each Saturday from 10.30-13.00h. - singing, dances /modern and classic ballet/, painting. 2 times per week - piano, violin, classic guitar. Much experienced teachers. Children from 5 to 12 years.

Let us create revealing the Creator!

Look at the video presentation here

Born for a life is a MIssion Salvation's initiative to support the kids who have daddies in the prison.

We all love to receive gifts for Christmas. And to make gifts for somebody. These kids will not receive presents from their daddies because the daddy is... so far.

So, we decided to bring some joy - we bought the gift, packed it, writed the name of the daddy and sent by the post. And ... 52 kids felt themselves loved and accepted receiveing boxes with gifts from daddy. Sometimes the small things we do for somebody could change one humain life.

Jany's book is made by special recipe - some smiles, some cries, happiness, kids words, some ache...

All this will bring you special moments forever. The prpofessional photos in the book give us feelings of love and beauty. Because of God. And because of His love...

Look at the presentation here

This year Mission Salvation ministry will celebrate again the Christmas in the prison with all inmates. Special gifts will be given after the official service in the Prison in Sofia and the prison in Kazichene.

Mission Salvation thanks to all friends and donators who made possible this special event there so the people be blessed. Through the streched hand of Hadejda foundation - Germany, presented by Mr. Heinrich Seelbach 7 computers will be donated to the prison's administration and for education to the prisoners. Christmas in the prison - because Jesus was born and came to the Earth for everyone who needs to be forgiven....

Look the presentation of the booklet

"Mommy, tell me a story, please" - after you listen these words, the only thing you need to do is to sit down and to start discribe the world to the asking eyes in front of you. You could describe a non real or a real world - you decide. But it's nice if you are able to find the beauty and the mercy in the reality...

MISSION SALVATION represents the movie "Two kids - one destiny" - encouraging story about a young Bulgarian family. Their two kids are 100% invalided. The parents give them all the love and care...They know the reason to live. 10 minutes.

More about Rossen and Sevda